Why US as your Real Estate Agents?

We have been granted the first RERA registration Certification by Tamil Nadu Government.   

TN RERA -Registration No: TN/29/Agent/0001/2017










Chennai Properties for SALE!!


In Real Estate-Chennai we believe in Honesty, Transparency, Commitment & Professionalism. That's the reason why people who own prime properties in Chennai have chosen us as their Real Estate Agents to Marketer their properties. We deal only in properties whose Title is clean and marketable. We also GST registered Real Estate Brokerage Firms.

If you want marketing support for Sale, Purchase or Rental of a property. Call us today!  We have experience & professionalism to market the honest way! 

Terms & Condition:

1) All the properties shown in our website are handled by MoServe.

2) In case you want to finalize any of the properties shown by us - it should be done ONLY through MoServe.

3) We (MoServe) will introduce you to the concerned owner of the property for further negotiations on sale price / rental.

4) Also, we can help you in taking care of all the legal contract work, for the said property to be purchased.

5) Advocate fees are to be paid separately for a thorough review of all legal documents and legal advices etc. If needed, we can recommend you to most experienced and well known real estates advocates in Chennai.   

6) Commission for MoServe (Real Estate Commission):

a. For Rental - one month's rent.

b. For Property Purchase - 1% of sale value form the purchaser of the property

c. For Property Sale - 2% of the sale value from the seller of the property.  

d. For properties out side the Chennai city limit, our sale commissions will be 4% of the sale value.

7) The commission needs to be paid when the transaction is finalized

8) As MoServe is GST registered firm GST applicable @ 18% on brokerage



Procedure for listing your property in our website: Sale or Rental

We will host the  advertisement of your property in our website free of cost, it will only carry (content of adv) a general idea where the property is located and the expected price (we will not be disclosing your property address or your contact no). The telephone number mentioned in the website will be ours. We will filter the calls and take only good prospective buyers/tenants to your property for inspection. Once they show interest to buy or rent your property we will introduce them to you. You will have to decide if the buyer or tenant fulfills your requirements, price, rental and other formalities. We will be assisting you till the sale or the lease  transaction is finished.


We do this to protect our clients interest, cause when you advertise in Internet or any of the print media the majority of the response will come from unwanted parties like, brokers, middlemen, speculators etc.  


How are we different from other real estate websites?


Ans. Other websites ask you to host your property details with your phone numbers for which they charge you a fee. 


You have to be a professional to distinguish who is a genuine buyer or tenant (who has good credentials and financial status) from the phone calls you will receive from these advertisement which you have put for a fee. 


What are the problems if you disclose your property details?


Ans.  If your contact and property information falls in wrong hand, then there is all possibility that you will land up with unwanted enquires from all kind of people and it will become very difficult for you to distinguish between genuine buyer or tenant and others. The major draw back is you will dilute the whole process of selling or renting your  property and end up getting less money or undesirable tenants  as people (unregistered agents) will spread wrong information.


Why should you prefer us?

Ans.  We believe (see the testimonials in our website) that we have the expertise and professionalism to handle the whole sale and rental  process. There is no time limit for an advertisement in our website, which also is one of the most popular real estate websites in Chennai. 

It is in our interest to find you a buyer or a tenant at the earliest as we get paid only when we find you a buyer or a tenant for your property.



Note: Real Estate - Chennai will have the sole discretion to decide if your property is marketable by our company or not based on the information provided by you about your property. 



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